The South Carolina Home School Athletic Association is composed of sports organizations (Member Organizations) that provide the opportunity for home school student athletes to compete at the highest level possible.

Member Organizations follow nationally accepted rules of play and our athletes are expected to exhibit exemplary sportsmanship and hard work while striving for success in educational endeavors, on the fields of competition and in life.

The SCHSAA provides oversight to Member Organizations for inter-league and intra-league contests, tournaments, and events, and promotes uniformity of standards on a level playing field. SCHSAA’s oversight is limited to those areas expressly addressed in this document (Constitution).

Member Organizations are those that agree to abide by the rules of the Constitution, have a governing board of directors, and are made up of one or more sports teams.

All Member Organizations shall pay annual dues in the amount of $50 per sport to SCHSAA, unless a waiver is granted by the Competition Committee.

Contact SCHSAA001@gmail and see the New Member Form.